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When a School in China Offers you a Position and Failed to Deliver

Teach in China

If a school just helped you to get a Z Visa, but they inform you that your services are no longer required before you arrive in China. Due to the fact they don’t have enough students to open a class and/or some other uncontrollable factors. What should you do?

1. Please calm down and let them cancel the work permit notification letter (also called an Invitation Letter) in the Chinese Government system, as this is the most important thing. If they don’t cancel it, you can’t process another employment application with another employer within the whole of China.

2. Please make sure that your PCC has not expired, as its validity is only six months. You need to find another new school to apply for an Invitation Letter for you to process a new Z Visa from the beginning, even though you’ve already got one from the previous school.

3. You can enter China with the old Z Visa (this is not advisable), as it cannot be used by the new school to apply for your Work and/or Residence Permit when you’ve arrived in China. The new school still need to apply for a new Invitation Letter for you, then you can get a New Visa from Hong Kong or some other country close to the Chinese border.

The reason for this is that there are two applications in the system, which are pre-entry (used for applying for an Invitation Letter) and post-entry (used for applying for work and residence permits), and each school has its account to log into the Chinese Government system. If a school applied for an Invitation Letter for you to receive a Z Visa, then must be processed by the same school that helped you obtain the Work and Residence Permit.

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